Lacking motivation? what you should do.
Jan 25, 2017
The New Year is now in full swing as we near the end of January. The New Year’s “resolutionists” have come and gone, leaving behind the truly motivated, and the consummate regulars. Maybe you aren’t feeling as motivated as you would have hoped so early in the year. Maybe the built-in motivation of the New Year has started to fade. What should you do? How...
90-Day Weight Loss Challenge
Jan 06, 2017
It is that time of year again. Your resolutions are set and you’re ready to take on the new year and make sure you achieve them. Well, why not have some help along the way? Join us for our annual TBC 90-Day Weight Loss Challenge, where you’ll not only  fun while achieving those goals, but you’ll also have plenty of accountability and motivation along the...
Fightness Apparel
Nov 10, 2016
Athleisure. Whether you know it or not, this is something you experience every single day. The idea is simple: Athletic clothing is comfortable, functional, and now more so than ever, stylish so why keep it in the gym? More and more people are taking that route with the athletic apparel industry slated to generate $270 Billion (With a B, Billion!)  in...
Hallowlean Workout
Oct 19, 2016
With Halloween just around the corner and with one of our core values being that exercise should be fun, we decided we would spice things up with a devilishly depraved Halloween workout complete with zombies, werewolves, and skeletons. Get in the spirit with us and burn some calories while practicing some scary moves to spring on trick or treaters this...
TBC Tip: How To Counter Rib Kicks With Coach Caine
Sep 22, 2016
Welcome to a new ongoing series of tips from some of your favorite TBC coaches. Today we have our Muay Thai coach, Caine, showing us how to effectively counter rib kicks.  
School Boxing Workout
Sep 08, 2016
It’s that time of year again! A time where classes are starting, free time is dwindling, and attention to diet and exercise takes a back burner to the demands of a packed college schedule. We know how hard it can be to juggle 8:00 AM classes, homework, cram sessions, exams, and, of course your personal life! Have no fear because we have plenty of options...
Addicted to Muay Thai
Aug 16, 2016
Have you ever looked around and noticed that your furniture seems to rearrange itself little by little every day? Have you ever looked down only to see bruised shins, or wondered why you constantly think about fighting your shadow? Maybe you have to frequently suppress the urge to throw a knee every time you hug someone? We have great news, you are not...
Beach Boot Camp
Aug 03, 2016
Living in San Diego, we’re fortunate to be able to experience summertime weather year round! With the weather always being beautiful, it’s nice to mix up your workout routine and take it outdoors every once in a while. If you’ve ever taken one of our Burn classes, then you know this high intensity class is designed to burn fat while toning your muscles,...
Hand Wrapping Tutorial
Jun 07, 2016
We know that hand wrapping can be a little confusing for new students, so we want to show you an easy way to get it right every single time.  
Benefits of Pilates
Mar 31, 2016
Originally developed in the early 1900’s, Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that improves flexibility and builds strength through slow and controlled movements. Not only does this type of exercise help to develop and stabilize your core muscles, but it also can be a great way for athletes in any sport to cross train as it emphasizes alignment and...
Prepare for Your First Boxing Class
Feb 04, 2016
So you decided to sign up for your first non-contact boxing class and you quickly realize you are unsure of what you need to bring or what you need to know. Have no fear! These are the first steps on what we hope is a long and rewarding relationship with boxing:   1. Have the right equipment: You will want to start with comfortable non-restrictive athletic...
Benefits of Meal Prep
Jan 13, 2016
Meal prepping is nothing new. In fact, athletes and bodybuilders have talked about it for decades. Preparing your meals ahead of time is a positive dietary technique that has worked for thousands, and it can help you on your journey to lose weight, burn fat, or build muscle. Our resident nutritionist, Jessica Lopez, breaks down the top seven reasons why you...
Workout Routines for the New Year
Dec 29, 2015
With 2016 rapidly approaching, many of you are probably scrambling to get your New Year’s resolutions sorted out. Among other things, most of us usually have at least one fitness related resolution we would like to achieve in the New Year. We gathered the best tips for starting and sticking to a new fitness routine in 2016. 1. Design your fitness routine...
Gift Guide for Combat Sports Addicts
Dec 07, 2015
Not sure what to get the combat sport lover in your life for the holidays? Look no further! It is easy to get lost in the sheer number of options when it comes to selecting the right gear. We break down the definitive list of the best gear on the market for boxers, MMA fighters, or students of Jiu Jitsu in our holiday MMA gift guide. Watch the looks of...
Nov 29, 2015
The humidity has cleared and our sunny California air feels as crisp as Fall. Halloween has passed and the holiday season is finally upon us. For most people, the holidays signify a time of overindulgence and, with that, usually comes unwanted holiday weight gain. What if we told you that it’s possible to enjoy the holiday season without gaining an ounce?...
Motivational Fitness Quotes
Nov 18, 2015
It’s easy to lose sight of your fitness goals, especially during this time of the year when schedules are jam-packed with holiday events and temptations surround you. Here are 10 Motivational Fitness Quotes to keep you going throughout the holiday season and to help you get motivated to reach your New Year’s fitness resolutions. Top 10 Fitness Quotes...
Common Training Mistakes
Mar 19, 2015
Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or hone your fighting skills, it’s always important to make sure you are performing each movement in a workout correctly and that you have a well-balanced workout regimen. Improper form leads to injuries, fatigue, and lessens your overall results. Before you increase the intensity or frequency of any...
Member Spotlight: Andrea
Mar 11, 2015
On any given day, you can find our member, Andrea, at TBC almost as much as some of the employees. She joined The Boxing Club family in 2012 and, during her time here training in Muay Thai, has competed in four of TBC’s Fight Nights and 1 match in LA last month. After her last match in February, she immediately went back into training mode to prepare for...