Yoga classes in San Diego

Those who don’t bend break. Mentally and physically tending to the body’s needs is vital to health and overall training. BXNG yoga classes in San Diego are ultra-unique for beginner to advanced. Differentiating among other yoga classes, find a class designed for recovery, mental/physical restoration, flexibility and strength.

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Transform Body and Mind

Welcome yourself to an extraordinary experience to work on mind and body. All yoga classes in San Diego are designed to accommodate beginner to advanced levels by coupling strength poses with guided breathing exercises tailored to you. Focus on warming the body, combining active strength and breathing exercises to unlock energy. Take home a deep release with mindful stretching and poses.

I never thought I'd be the type of person to put down the weights and choose yoga. Yoga classes at The BXNG Club are restorative, efficient, and challenging at the same time
Janice N. Class Member
I mainly box, but I needed something to help with my mobility and mindset. My coach suggested I try some yoga classes and I never looked back. It's the perfect combination of hard work and mindfulness.
Jack L. Boxing

Yoga for Beginners to Advanced

With a timeless approach and profound appreciation for yoga, BXNG links movement with breath to exhilarate the body and challenge strength. All classes are structured to be self-paced and with effortless modifications for skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are encouraged to do whatever you’d like during class. Some instructors will include focus on breath or other meditative practices. You do what is comfortable for you, but we do ask you to challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone!
We usually recommend normal athletic gear that is most comfortable for you.
We want to make sure that you are nourished before class; however, it is best to leave some time to digest before class. It usually recommended waiting an hour or so after eating before taking a yoga class.
If you would like to bring your own mat, we encourage you to do that. If not, we have some mats that are available. We recommend bringing water to stay hydrated. Oh.. and yourself!
Yes! We love when our members cross train. Our yoga classes are included in your membership.
Yoga is different from stretching or warming up by utilizing body movement sequences and breathing techniques to create a mind-body connection.
It can always be tricky getting back into the game. We are focused on bringing a class that is tailored to all of our members.
No! But we have a feeling that if you continue to come to yoga class, you will become more flexible.

See You In Class!

Be prepared – you may become addicted. Break in your gloves and break a sweat with a BXNG class of your choice.

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