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Strength and Conditioning Training in San Diego

You’ve never experienced strength training like this before in San Diego. Our strength training program encompasses all knowledge of the body from combat sports, HIIT, yoga, cycle & recovery. GRIT is designed around functional strength training and endurance drills. Welcome to the world of getting stronger – at any stage.

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A man training with battle ropes during a Grit Class


Grit classes are constructed around movement patterns for increased flexibility, core strength, & improving posture. Strength training combines strength exercises with conditioning exercises to give the ultimate combination of overall strength. A total body strengthening approach increases muscle mass, strength, and heavily complements combat sports training.

Strength Training For Beginners to Advanced

If strength training is a new curiosity or a profound lifestyle, Grit training can be structured to suit a variety of levels and goals with well-established coaches. A whole-body approach brings ultimate learning and strength opportunities for all levels to explore. Grit classes support cardiovascular health, increase calorie burn, control blood sugar levels, improve mental and bone strength/flexibility/balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult with your trainer, and they will help you figure out what weight is appropriate for you.
Absolutely! All of our Power Boxing and Power Kickboxing classes are non-contact and take place on our punching bags. Before your first class, you will receive a brief demonstration from our staff on proper technique and form, which will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to make your way through the class. As always, work at your own pace and take breaks as needed.
Of course you can! Remember that we all start somewhere, talk with your trainer leading class, and take breaks when needed.
Bulking up due to strength training is a myth, so don’t let that discourage you from taking part! You should still take part in GRIT sessions if you want to focus on getting stronger - there’s no need to bulk up.
YES! We want you to get stronger, so our GRIT program is included within your membership!.
There are pros and cons to both. It is a good idea to utilize both in your training for the best possible results.
Strength training will help you improve your endurance and burn more fat than cardio training alone. Strength training (especially with BXNG) will help improve mental stamina, posture, and bone strength.
Toning up is also a massive misconception in the fitness world. However, taking GRIT classes will help you lose fat and build muscle, which will change your body composition and leave you feeling leaner, fitter, and healthier.

See You In Class!

Be prepared – you may become addicted. Break in your gloves and break a sweat with a BXNG class of your choice.

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