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Mat Pilates classes in San Diego

We like to do it all – boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, HIIT, Spin, Yoga, Strength, and Mat Pilates. Mat Pilates is the essential way to work those muscles you didn’t even know you had in a low-impact environment. The foundation of strength, power, and explosiveness comes from the core. With results-driven classes, top-quality instruction, and dedication to lengthening the body, BXNG mat pilates will transform your body and routine.

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A group of people taking part in a Pilates class at The BXNG Club

The Essential Workout

Our classes are designed to improve strength, balance, mobility, and the mind. Mat Pilates classes are customized to you, your needs and your goals. Pilates instructors typically design a program with the fundamentals exercises to challenge the body and build muscle. Give time and attention to those muscles we usually neglect and help the body become strong.

Mat Pilates for Beginners to Advanced

Mat Pilates is a great way to supplement combat arts training and any other type of training.. With a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection, Mat pilates is a series of movements and exercises that concentrates on core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility – all of these could be used in and out of the ring. It is easily accessible to all levels and designed with a hyper awareness of supporting the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates is different from other workouts because it’s low impact and focuses on many of those smaller muscles that you didn’t even know you had.
We totally get that pilates machines look like something out of a medieval novel. It is ironic because they can help you look and feel so good. We know they’re intimidating, but we say that it is worth a shot.
No! Show up and begin to see the results :)
To ensure our ability to keep members safe and provide tailored experiences, we offer private group and one-on-one sessions for an additional fee.
Mat pilates focuses on Pilates exercises on the floor and requires supporting the body. Pilates equipment gives a frame to work with and the level of difficulty can be adjusted.
It all depends on comfort, other forms of training, scheduling, etc. We recommend that 3x a week to become more highly skilled and reap the most benefits.
We recommend that you consult with your doctor prior. Pilates was invented as a form of physical therapy and typically can be beneficial for injuries.