Top 5 Networking Tips



You’ve heard it all before. Meet everyone you can, get your foot in the door, create relationships, etc. Networking comes more natural for others and that’s *insert clap* okay *clap again*. Classic Stephen King once noted, “the scariest moment is always just before you start”. That first moment only lasts for seconds and then what could come from that can last a lifetime. Plus, you have all sorts of help right at your fingertips: social media, tips from professionals, and so many YouTube videos. 


Start Simple

Simple can go a looooooong way. Let’s be honest - people love to talk about themselves. This is a great opportunity to show your insight, start off slow, and show that you are a great listener. It is a very noticeable trait to be an intent listener. 


Body Language Basics

Yes, body language can vary and also change based on a variety of factors such as culture and sex. That being said, it is a good idea to be in tune with the basics to learn what it is that body language is communicating to you. Many studies have shown that body language takes care of 50% of our communication. Yeah, we said 50%. This is also means becoming aware of your body language techniques as well. 


Conversation Over

Learn when the conversation has been exhausted or in other words, just over. Don’t force a conversation that isn’t meant to continue. Just like mastering the beginning of a conversation, there is a way of mastering the ending of a conversation. First impressions are everything! Remember to leave on a good note rather than keeping the conversation going when there is nothing left of it. If there’s more to be said, maybe save it for another networking opportunity! A safe bet is to always thank the other person for their time. 


Social Media 

LinkedIn is the mecca for networking with like-minded folks or getting around people who are where you want to be. It is great for learning opportunities, workshops, and getting around the right people (without even being in the same room). This may help when feeling anxious about reaching out and connecting if it’s via the internet. Just make sure that the same etiquette applies. Skill swapping and master classes are your new best friend. 



Shooting your shot with an email doesn’t have to be a dead way of communicating. 

PERSONALIZE IT: You can tell a mass email before even considering opening it. 

CONNECTION: Remember the whole purpose of shooting that email is to build some sort of connection. Keep that in mind and consistent throughout. 

Subject Line: It’s enticing and effective. Get creative. 

HIGHLIGHT: Don’t actually highlight the words, but highlight the mutually beneficial relationship. 

Follow up: Emails get lost in the mix and following up always ensures that the email gets read / shows consistency. 



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