The Rise of the Fake Commute


For many, the line between work and home is still a blur and will continue to be that way. Some people used to hate commuting to work: standstill traffic or unforseen issues with public transporation. Other people viewed their commute as a mental saving grace that was crucial for incorporating some amount of work-life balance into daily routine. 


Enter into 2021: The rise of the fake commute, that is now popping up as a replacement for the usual morning commute to work since WFH has become a new way of life. Keep in mind that routines vary among us all and for some, the best routine is not having a routine. For those of us who thrive with some sort of routine, this “fake commute” notion has caught our eye. A routine and commute, in particular helps us transition from one identity to the next (office identity to spouse identity at home). With WFH life, the transition between work and home roles are as blurry as a night out. 


Heeeeellllooo fake commute!
Te has been from the Of all the things that people have reported missing before pre-pandemic life, it wouldn’t necessarily be obvious that commuting would be high on that meter. But after nearly a year of being at home, many have reported that while sitting in traffic wasn’t their favorite, the opportunity to have some time to think or prep for the day was crucial to their productivity and who they are. Before the pandemic, the average commute was 38 minutes and now have added an average hour extra of work. It’s confusing for the brain to be working and sleeping at home, especially without that commute buffer. 


Find it

If you are someone whose commute has been from the bedroom to the kitchen, you may find it beneficial to create a “fake commute”. The best part is that you get to decide what that is. Something to think about when creating your fake commute would be … 


Strategy and Consistency 

Fake work commutes don’t have to be long - it’s recommended that they are about 10 minutes and something that you can ease in and out of everyday. Microsoft, recently added a feature for employees to add a virtual commute at the beginning of their schedule. 


Leave Home (If You Can)

A change of scenery can do a lot of good for the mind - this could even mean going into the backyard. It is just to get you out of your home-turned-work space. 


Forward Thinking

Your fake commute should be filled with anything that you want it to be. It has been recommended to use it for time to think of things unrelated to work that will help you feel more prepared to show up in those roles or spaces since the rest of your day will be consumed differently. 



Fake commutes aren’t as easy as “I’ll go on a walk”. Connecting with those around us is a good thing so if you choose to use this time to call a friend or loved one, that’s great. It is strongly discouraged to use this time to answer emails, scroll aimlessly on social media, or re-read old texts that you shouldn’t be reading. 


There's an opportunity to build some healthy habits or structures in our day-to-day that serve us well, pandemic or not.



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