Member Highlight: Peter Lemke

His guilty pleasure is raw cookie dough, he’s the owner of a 120-pound silver lab who is more like his roommate, and currently eats salad for breakfast. Peter Lemke is 34-years old and is originally from Mesa, Arizona. You may find Lemke at his favorite San Diego spot, Kate Sessions Park – probably with his dog child. A hidden treasure about Peter’s start is that his business began with a little 25-passenger party bus purchased on Craiglist business by buying (without any knowledge of party busses, but one bus turned into two and two ended up turning into one of the largest fleets in San Diego). He later shared about the trials and tribulations of being a business owner and how one of the company’s party busses was stolen by a bus driver on an Easter Sunday. Fortunately, Peter’s party bus venture extended into Gaslamp District Media (GDM), with its first branch known as the strongest marketing and promotion go-to company for San Diego’s most prominent nightlife venue, Party Naked Nightlife. Then, The Roster was added as a premier entertainment management company. Peter has multiple other ventures that he is excited about, including a podcast, running operations for a youth basketball tournament, and a new poke shop.


“If you’re trying to be good at everything, you’re not going to be good at one good thing”. 


Lemke’s natural tendency is to try to be good at everything, everything, everything. But the key is to master one and then move onto the next. He’s a master at managing his time and lifestyle but struggles with not being able to fully check out and be present. His favorite part about his job is that GDM has transformed into a company that can entertain almost any opportunity, and not just limited to nightlife, yet when asked if he would recommend his job to anyone, it was an immediate and loud ‘f**k no’. He believes that the biggest misconception of those who work in nightlife lack intelligence and that intelligence doesn’t get seen as often because there are a lot of loud voices and a lot of the work is more behind-the-scenes.


  Peter opened up about the struggles of working in nightlife and placing boundaries to prevent it from becoming a defining factor in one's identity. He stressed the importance of maintaining a personal life because a lot of the time “your personal life becomes your professional life” with lots of networking and blurred lines that translate into asking the question “is this work, is this not work?”. 


“If I was put into a boxing ring with personal me and professional me, the professional me has probably knocked out the personal me several times over the years”[...].


“[...] so I’m trying to bolster that personal me so that we’re neck and neck, same weight class. It’s a tough balance that I didn’t learn overnight and that I’m still learning”. Peter continued to state that it is possible to maintain this balance, but there is no rule book on how to do it. Boxing is more than just a metaphor for Peter. He participated in Industry Fight Night and couldn’t shake wanting to learn more about the humblings port. Lemke’s favorite pieces of TBC are Artem, seeing the blueprint for ideas / hard work / and passion translate into reality and connecting with members. Peter is most proud of Artem’s story and the continuous growth of continuing the TBC legacy through the mindset of “we’re not slowing down” from the top-down.




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