Hydrate the Right Way

The gist: 

If you’re getting enough sleep, maintaining stress levels, eating fairly well, but still feeling unfocused or tired during the day, then you may be... *drum roll please*... under hydrating. 


You may not even realize that you’re under hydrating, but the lasting effects of skimping out on water can catch up to you sooner rather than later. Based on some groundbreaking research, a book titled Quench has provided us some new insights on how to up your water game. Get your glass of water, add a pinch of sea salt and lemon to it. Both of these ingredients are full of electrolytes and different minerals that speed up hydration. 


In Quench, they let us know that about 75% of Americans are dehydrated - all of which can lead to irritability, struggles with focus, and fatigue. On the up side, this just means we can all focus on hydrating more efficiently and in larger quantities, yes? Yes.


Add the pinch of sea salt + lemon to your water, BUT THEN… add some movement to it. Your tissues are able to absorb more water as you’re moving around then if you were to be standing still. Did you know that sleep is pretty high on the list for dehydrating activities? Keeping yourself moving keeps the rotation of pulses of hydration in all the right places. 


Now, the golden question:

Q: How much water should I be drinking? 

A: The Institute of Medicine recommends drinking about 2-3 liters of water depending on sex and weight.


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