New Decade, New Way to Write Resolutions

Research has typically suggested that the best type of resolutions are ones that give immediate results or satisfaction. This year, TBC is challenging you to look at your goals and resolutions a little differently. You can't expect change without implementing new actions, right? So as you put the pen to your journal, or your fingers to any digital device and commit to taking this new year on in a way like never before. Ony 8% of people follow through with their New Year’s resolutions. This is serious.


Here’s a list of reasons why and what you can do to help raise that statistic. 


Resolution isn’t specific enough or is unrealistic: 

Being more specific and realistic will help to keep your resolution tangible, the right amount of challenging, and help keep the excuses at bay. 


Write down resolution once:

People think that writing down a resolution once means that have committed to a new way of life or on the flip side, makes people feel as though it’s not that big of a deal but still did something to better themselves. Try to write down your resolution every day or keep it where it’s always making an impact on you and your decisions. 


Create a plan:

Create a plan for your goal, but also create a plan for setbacks and how to deal with temptation. Chances are that life is going to hit you from out of nowhere or that lazy side of your personality may set in come February. Having a plan for both the goal itself and the pieces that may jeopardize it will help keep you on track. Just remember, “a stumble may prevent a fall”. 


Accountability partner: 

Life’s hard. Having someone there to help put you in your place or to praise your hard work is helpful in the resolution process. You don’t get any extra points for doing it on your own. 


Focus on the progress and forgive the failures: 

It can be easy to ride that initial wave of enthusiasm to then crash and burn when it comes to the rest of the actual steps to get there. And then sometimes, it can be difficult to see that we have actually made progress. Try to focus on the process that is going to get where you want to be and always look at ways of bettering that process. There will be some pieces that work and some that don’t. And when they don’t work, forgive the failures that may come along with it. How you respond to those failures will determine the trajectory of this resolution. 


Rephrase your goal: 

We’ve been trained to write goals like, “Must lose 10 pounds” or “stop doing x”. However, we have not been conditioned to write goals that enable our subconscious and intuition to show up in the ways that we need it to. Utilizing components of positive psychology and rephrasing your goal can make all the difference in being able to achieve it. You are the one who spends the most time with yourself. Make sure you focus on your relationship with you and how you speak to yourself. 


Gere are 5 tips to achieve your new year's resolution.


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