Enhance Your Morning Lifts

To be an early bird or not … 

In either case, does it really matter?


If you have decided that getting your lifts in the morning seems to be the most effective for your schedule, this is for you (P.S.: there is no set universal perfect time to train. It’s your call). With this decision comes a responsibility. A responsibility to your body, your lift, and the better you that you are trying to become. It is ideal to have your wake-up time an hour before your lift. This allows for the body to have enough time to wake up and rehydrate. We 10/10 do not recommend hopping out of bed and trying to hit a new deadlift PR. 


Pro Tip

Your body uses all of the available water to care for you tissues, muscles, and organs while you sleep. It can be a go-to move to instantly go for that cup of coffee or preworkout instantly in the morning - try to hold off for at least 30 minutes. Remember that caffeine is a diuretic and dehydrates you. It is important to be mindful of addressing hydration levels in the morning. 


A good habit to have would be to make sure that you drink 8 oz of water within the last hour prior to bed and another 8 oz within the first hour of being awake (prior to lifting). In combination with hydration, prioritize movement. Focus on stretching and walking to get everything adjusted properly and awake for that lift. 



Weight training in the morning on an empty stomach is not ideal. If you don’t like eating a full meal in the morning or before a lift for whatever reason, a protein shake is a good option to help you power through your swole sessions. Don’t forget to support your muscle growth and health by getting your post morning lift stack in. After lifting, your body is in a state of catabolism. Your body will need something else to eat instead of your own muscles!


Give some kudos to yourself for learning the difference between motivation & discipline as well as what is best for you. Keep your morning lifts on that A list by acknowledging the hard work and discipline you put in to make them happen. Be disciplined to plan out your day the night before. You’re busy and in order to make sure you’re running optimally, planning ahead will make sure you prioritize what actually needs to get done in the day. Give it a few tries to figure out. The snooze button may be the devil for your morning lifts. That five minutes is going to take away from the greatness of your day. Not every morning will be full of energy or filled with a readiness for the day, but just get those feet on the floor. 


Only you can count on you.


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