Know Your Carbs for Recovery


Protein may be the ultimate buzz word for recovery, but remember that carbs are just as important. Replace that glycogen storage! 


The journey to understanding food and how it benefits / harms our body is different for everyone. This also goes for the varying degrees of understanding carbs and how they can impact the body / workout. Believe us, that’s all good! We’re all about learning something new every day or adding just a little more knowledge to something that we may have already known. 


Now, let’s get on the get down with carbs. We are not here to preach a super low carb diet or make carbs the enemy (also, why would you want to do such a thing to something so good?). Carbs are power and knowledge about carbs are even more powerful. The two main sources are simple and complex carbohydrates. 


Simple Carbs

Simple carbs are usually natural sugars - like fruit. You also have your monosaccharides (single sugar molecule) and disaccharides (double sugar molecule). We’re not going to get too science-y here, but fructose (fruit sugar) is a monosaccharide that is not ideal for post workout vibes because it does not raise insulin levels / takes too much time to digest. Dextrose aka glucose is very common in post workout shakes. This one is known to impact people differently, so this is where making sure what works for you is major key. Simple carbs are the way to go if you need a quick burst in energy. 


Complex Carbs

Think starch - whole grains and starchy veggies such as potatoes. Complex carbs are fantastic for sustaining energy. They also are a good way to gear up for a tough day of training about 2 hours beforehand or replenishing after a tough day of training. You’ll find vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Try to stay away from those processed foods and “empty calories” with no real nutritional value. Here’s some great complex carbs to make sure to add into your meal prep or cooking each week!



To get the most out of your carbs, within 30-60 minutes post workout with plenty of water. Your muscles are ready to take in all of that nutrients and glycogen to rebuild the depleted supply. Remember, your body’s main source of energy is glucose.


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