7 Awesome Benefits of Strength Training

Strength training is an essential component for making your body healthier and stronger - along with aesthetic benefits. Many goals can be taken into consideration when weight training that are outside of basic strength. Let’s just be fully honest here - if you could do one thing to improve your health, strength training should definitely be at the top of the list. 


What is Strength Training?

Strength training, weight training, resistance training, muscular training, are all terms for defining any physical movement in which you use your bodyweight / equipment to build muscle mass, strength, and endurance. At any point throughout the strength training journey, it is important to note the many different types of strength training.

Muscular Hypertrophy: 

Muscle building. This is the type of strength training that uses moderate to heavy weights to stimular muscle growthy.


Max Muscular Strength: 

This is a type of training that involves low rep (2-6) with heavy heavy weights to improve overall strength. This is typically a type of training set aside for very experienced athletes. 


Circuit Training: 

During this form of full-body conditioning, it is all about cycling through various exercises with little to no rest in between. 


Muscular Endurance: 

This is a type of training that refers to your muscles’ ability to sustain exercises for a period of time - training to increase muscular endurance usually includes high reps with lower weight. It is popular to focus on a combination to create the ultimate and most effective type of strength training program. Through a deep understanding of goals and what type of workouts / training works best, strength training typically includes: 



Using own body weight to perform various movements. Our favorites include: pushes up, pull ups, squats, lunges, etc. 


Free Weights: 

Equipment that is not bound to the floor or a machine. This gives you dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, med balls, or household objects. 


Resistance bands: 

Rubber bands that provide resistance of different levels when stretched. You can get really creative with different exercises here. 


Weight machines: 

A machine with adjustable weights or provided resistance to put stress on the muscles. 


Suspension equipment: 

Ropes or straps anchored to something study and using bodyweight to perform various exercises. The whole point of strength training is to put muscles under tension to stimulate muscle growth. 


What Are The Benefits of Strength Training?

Are you ready for the benefits of strength training? There’s a lot of them. 


Stronger, stronger … stronger!

It would seem intuitive but strength training makes you… stronger! Gaining strength allows for you to sit up taller, perform daily tasks easier, and improve overall athletic performance. When certain parts of the body get stronger, it can also help alleviate other parts that were being harmed. For example, a stronger core can help with your back, arms, legs and glutes! 


Burn Calories

Strength training helps boost your metabolism and burn calories in the most efficient way possible. Building muscle increases your metabolic rate and allows you to burn more calories at rest. You also drive your metabolism and body to potentially burn additional calories after you workout is complete - talk about efficient. 


Lean Out

Getting tone is a myth. However, when you build muscle you are able to lose more fat. Since muscle is much more dense than fat aka takes up less space on your body per pound. This could mean that you weigh the same and the number on the scale doesn’t change, but your body appears way different. When you lose body fat and build a stronger body, your muscle definition is showcased more, giving a stronger and leaner appearance. 


Lower Risk of Injury

Strength training helps improve overall strength, range of motion, and mobility of muscles, ligaments & tendons. This helps to reinforce trength around major joints that help against injury. Muscular imbalances can also be hammered out and improved with strength training - helping with a decreased risk of injury. 


Heart Health 

There have been multiple studies shown that regular strength-training exercise can decrease blood pressure, lower total cholesterol and improve blood circulation by strengthening heart and blood vessels. How legit is that? Strength training regularly also helps to maintin a healthy bodyweight and manage blood sugar levels. 


Self Esteem

A lot of people say that getting hooked on strength training is when it all changed. Strength training gives you the chance to overcome challenges (physical and mental), work towards something and appreciae your strength and appearance. It is a way to put yourself first. Lifting some weights is also a great way to boost your mood, promote release of solid endorphins and self-efficacy. 


Brain Health 

Cognitive Function includes processing speed, memory, executive function, etc. With weight and strength training, setting aside time for yourself, it has been proven that consistent training can aid in better brain health and protect against congnitive decline. 


How to Add Strength Training to Your Workout Routine

Strength training is all about being legit and honest with yourself. Once you figure out what your goals are, it is all about planning out the steps of getting there. You get to be the one to decide if it’s something that is 2x a week in addition to other training, 6x a week, or every other day. 


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