2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers:

Sometimes it can seem like fitness enthusiasts are the most expensive and trickiest to shop for. And let’s be real, these are the type of people that have New Years resolutions set before 2020 hits. It’s okay, put that energy towards finding them the perfect gift rather than being envious or just not understanding their lifestyle. Whether the fitness lover in your life likes healthy food, a solid workout, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Here is your gift guide for fitness lovers for 2019. 


Help them in the pursuit of health to reach all of their goals!


Invisibobble Hair Ties.

These little hair ties have been ALL the rage this year and there’s no intention of stopping. They make sure not to tangle dry or wet hair. It’s perfect for a run on the treadmill and then an up-do for dinner!


Tangle Free Jump Rope.

Jump rope gets your heart rate up enough. You don’t need to worry about increasing heart rate with getting aggravated over all the knots and tangles in your jump rope. Get this for your friend, significant other, or someone you know that’s looking to add jump rope into their routine! It will become a gym bag staple. 


Cubii Pro-Seated Under Desk - Elliptical.

Do you know someone who is always sitting at their desk? Here’s a mini foot elliptical to keep the blood flow going and efficiency high. 


After This We’re Getting Tacos Bag - Ban.do

Working out hard doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style or TACOS. Get this bag for the fitness & food enthusiast in your life! 


Spiralizer 5 Blade Vegetable Slicer.

It might not be spaghetti, but there’s always a way to make healthy more fun. Snag this veggie slicer to spice up the healthy eating vibes for 2020.



Capped as the best protein shaker bottle, it’s easy to use and easy to clean! The superior design doesn’t require any mesh or loud mixing ball. Cop this for someone who you know is trying to make them gains!






Apex Adjustable Kettlebell Set.

This set has everything your gym lover could need! Full body workouts, leg day, core, you name it. It’s taken care of with this all-in-one-set. There are 4 non-weighted removable spacer disks, and the ability to adjust the weight from 20 to 50 pounds! The cast-iron material also makes this for a long-lasting gift that can take the wear and tear of weightlifting and circuit training. 






Stash Bottle.

Do you know someone who carries a lot of stuff? Or someone who needs to learn how to pack for their day a little more efficiently? The stash bottle is perfect for that – this 1 liter water bottle is lightweight and can be collapsed or twisted into less than a quarter of its size! Drink up.


Air Fryer.

Fast, efficient, and healthier addition to the kitchen! Need we say more?





Ivation Foot Spa.

We’re all so rough on our feet. Know someone whose feet could really use some extra love? The Ivation Foot Spa encourages circulation and soothes tired feet as well as jets and the power of heat for that extra push for healing. 






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