What's in your gym bag: Jessica Smith Bridges

We had the pleasure of sitting down with blue-eyed babe Jessica Smith Bridges to find out how she prepares for the gym and what motivates her to stick to such a regimented gym routine. Jessica became a member at The Boxing Club in April 2013 after receiving a special one-month coupon from a friend. At that time she was working at Robeks, the smoothie shop located in the same center as The Boxing Club. Some of the trainers had been telling her to come in and try out a class, and finally after receiving the coupon she decided to try us out. Her first class was Coach Shannon's 5:30PM Power Kickboxing class, and in the first 10 minutes she realized how much harder she should be training. Instead of feeling discouraged by this, it gave her a new spark of motivation and she knew she had to keep going. Boxing became her form of therapy and she was able to focus on the moment in front of her, punch by punch.

She now takes a Power Boxing class EVERYDAY, sometimes twice a day if she has time. If you attend classes at our UTC location you have probably seen her killing it in class. When this San Diego girl isn't in the gym you an find her napping, eating a burger, running by the beach, or picking up a coffee at Better Buzz.

Her gym essentials:

Pink Fairtex Gloves

Pink Fairtex Gloves:  She has used many lower-grade gloves, but finally decided to splurge on these Fairtex 12oz gloves so that she could really put the power into her punches. 

Aminos and pre-workout:Jessica likes to workout in the morning and at night depending on her work schedule, and these products are a must for her on days when she is feeling sluggish. 

Pink Blender Bottle: Because what is pre-workout without your pink shaker bottle?

Her preferred hair products: The products at the club work fine but she has to keep her hair color looking good, so she prefers to bring her own. Along with her metallic pink hairbrush of course. 

Leopard Print Cosmetic Bag: Often times she works out before work so this is a must in order to be work ready. 

Lotion and Body Shimmer: Working out a lot means showering constantly, so it is important to keep skin hydrated and looking fresh, especially during the dry winter months. 

Jessica's motto is to be humble and loving no matter what you do. People like her are what makes TBC so special. If you see her in the club, say "Hey!"




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