The BXNG Club is a mindset, lifestyle, and the ultimate fitness experience. With the elite mix of luxury and the grit of combat sports, fitness takes on new meaning with BXNG.

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Elite Class-Focused Experience

Train with authentic and energy-infused classes specially curated to enhance all fitness levels. BXNG class lineup is unmatched with high-level instruction, variety, and results.



Elevate your fitness and lifestyle expectations. All locations offer a wide variety of combat sports and fitness classes, the latest weight and cardio equipment, and amenities.

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BXNG Classes


Feel the BURN with a 45-minute High-Intensity Interval Training class geared towards keeping your heart rate up and efficient calorie burning. Burn utilizes circuit training with a focus on bodyweight movement and short rest times.

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Indoor Cycling

One room, one mission, unlimited potential – our bikes take you places. Train for the hills, sprints, intervals and cardio blasts with the ultimate indoor cycling classes that build overall cardiovascular endurance and conditioning simultaneously.

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Unleash your inner fighter with beginner to advanced program offerings. Introduce kicks and knees into your kickboxing training through our intentionally designed curriculum to find out what you are made of. Progress your kicks and enter the world of Muay Thai to continue challenging yourself.

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Personal Training

Eliminate the excuses and illuminate progress with personal training. Find a coach to design an elite training program with goals and results at the forefront. Train all disciplines and see the best out of you.

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Power Boxing

From beginner to fighter – we have created the ultimate boxing class in San Diego. Power through the ultimate combination of cardio-based conditioning alongside foundational boxing technique.

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Designed to supplement any type of training, our yoga programming is set to improve physical and mental performance at any level. Recover and increase flexibility while focusing on power and strength with vinyasa flow, yoga sculpt and yoga restore.

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The BXNG Club is the best way to get STRONG. You'll have an awesome community with you, fun classes, and knowledge to get you to where you want to go. There is nothing else like it.
Blake T. General
The perfect combination of boxing, fun, and sweet amenities. There's nothing I would change about my experience. Each class gives you something to leave with
Lena A. General
I went from taking almost two years off from working out to solid 6 days a week consistently because The BXNG Club gave me the tools and community I needed.
Maria T. General

Frequently Asked Questions

BXNG classes are structured to be fun at any fitness level. Show up and keep showing up.
Boxing is a great fat burner and muscle builder (all at once!). We have seen massive body transformations that are a result of the cardio-blast, muscle strengthening, and stress relief.
We will provide you with a pair of gloves and wraps for your first session with us. After that, you are required to bring your own for each class. If you need to borrow some after your first class, a $10 fee for gloves and $5 wraps for each will be charged. You can also purchase gloves in club!
Absolutely! All of our Power Boxing and Power Kickboxing classes are non-contact and take place on our punching bags. Before your first class, you will receive a brief demonstration from our staff on proper technique and form, which will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to make your way through the class. As always, work at your own pace and take breaks as needed.

See You In Class!

Be prepared – you may become addicted. Break in your gloves and break a sweat with a BXNG class of your choice.

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