Coach Highlight: Marvin Madariaga

In between training and coaching sessions and making everyone in the gym laugh, we got to get real with Coach Marvin Madariaga in the Pilates studio. Madariaga, also known as “The Mad Lion” joined the TBC family in 2006 and has never looked back. Coach Marvin admitted that his guilty pleasure is watching World of Dance despite the fact that his footwork in the ring doesn’t moonwalk itself well onto the dance floor. But better believe that if “Baby Got Back” comes on, Marvin will be dancing. 


Marvin’s love for Muay Thai began when he moved to San Diego from Maui, Hawaii and got into the ring for the first time because of his brother. He kept coming back for more until he left to attend art school in Ventura. Marvin returned to San Diego to complete art school and “just decided to compete” while working for a design firm at the time. In a similar Marvin fashion, he “just decided ‘I don’t wanna do this anymore’” and left his job at the design firm to put his all into fighting. Creativity is EVERYTHING to Marvin as he has dabbled in painting, ceramics, graffiti, graphic design, and the “flow and being able to be free” has translated really well into his fighting career. In hindsight, this MMA champion said the advice he would give his 19-year old self would be to “not forget about your family” and take the time to focus on the people who are most invested in you. Marvin said the best part of being able to be “Coach Marvin” is to see those “ah-ha” moments when things begin to click and that he gets to always be a student. 


Marvin’s favorite piece of TBC is the coaches and the people. He is constantly trying to learn something new, even the little things that he thought he already knew. The amateur fighters and students make him the proudest, especially when they compete for the first time and “realize that they’re not made of glass”. 





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