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Cella Hussussian


Coach Cella brings a dynamic and diverse background to training and recovery. A main focal point for Coach Cella’s training & recovery sessions include attention to strong form for strength / injury prevention. With a very energetic personality, Coach Cella ensures that sessions are fun, motivating and tailored to each client. She utilizes different exercises ranging from HIIT, strength, endurance, plyometrics, and corrective exercises. Coach Cella studied kinesiology and became a fitness specialist. She is also trained in proprioceptive nueromusclar facilitation as a form of active stretching and has a very in-depth understanding of how the body works. Working with a wide range of clients, ages, and goals, Coach Cella is able to adapt, challenge and collaborate with everyone

Training Emphasis | Tier 1
Fun Facts
  • NASM PT Certified & Hyperice Certified
  • Former competitive dancer
  • Ramen, kombucha, pasta, & caffeine
  • East Village