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Steven Ruiz


Coach Steve has a vast background in Kinesiology with an emphasis on exercise science and pre-physical therapy. He began working as an EMT in Los Angeles and served a wild amount of calls & furthered his love of mobility, stretching and strength. Coach Steve transitioned into the physical therapy field and spent time working in hospital / outpatient clinical settings. Through mobility training, stretching, functional fitness and strength training, Coach Steve saw the incredible benefits towards his patients. He approaches each client and their needs on an individual basis (irrespective of potential similarities to other clients). Coach Steve finds various modalities and ways to incorporate recovery training into a regular regimen. Through various credentials, studies, and real-life experiences, Coach Steve is overwhelmingly qualified to help all types of clients and athletes. He is known for being able to break down information and understanding of recovery to make the difference.

Training Emphasis | Tier 3
Fun Facts
  • PTBC - Certified PTA
  • Foodie
  • Former founder & host of “This Week On Wall Street”
  • Solana Beach