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Memo Santillan


Memo grew up playing soccer as a child and teenager and practiced taekwondo as a young adult for about 4 years before moving to the US. Memo has always been a fan of boxing but once his son (Coach Giovanni) began boxing at the age of 8 his passion for boxing grew. He began studying the sport of boxing daily while watching his son train. When Giovanni turned 14, that was when he took over as his main coach. Memo has trained him through his teenage years as an amateur boxer, and now as an adult has helped him keep an undefeated record of 24-0. He believes that defense is the most important part of boxing. He works on improving people’s defensive and countering skills.

Training Emphasis | Tier 3
Fun Facts
  • All About Defense
  • Coach Giovanni's Dad
  • Actually a Teddy Bear
  • East Village