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Daria Lipinska


Inspired by health complications, Daria began her fitness journey by finding ways to make herself feel better and started to reap the physical results as well. Daria found fitness and focusing on her health as a way to keep herself motivated as well as energize those around her to do the same. With English as a second language, Daria became an expert and received her NASM certification to be able to empower more people to make choices that were aligned with their goals. Daria is all about working on form and meeting the body where it is. She is focused on working for real results and being able to maintain them. Another true love of Daria’s is yoga. She approaches her programming and training with finding many ways to support and strengthen the body and mind.

Training Emphasis | Tier 4
Fun Facts
  • Born and Raised in Poland
  • 500 Rep Max Hip Thrust
  • Dog Mom to Lulu
  • East Village