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Karis Barber


From Seattle to San Diego, Coach Karis brings massive energy and a warm approach to cardio. Being an ironman triathlete, marathoner, and soon to be ultra marathoner, Coach Karis’ classes are structured to provide a variety of movements that improve strength and cardiovascular training. Karis is mindful of cycle training being an additive cross training aspect for many or bringing the heat for those who are focused on cardio. Each class is different with incredible music and movements that feel like they are meant to go together. You will find Coach Karis’s classes to be on another level of high energy with legs pumping and pursts of intensity sprinkled throughout. Endorphin rushes and Coach Karis are basically synonymous at this point. All levels welcome!

Training Emphasis | Tier 2
Fun Facts
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • High Energy
  • Hobby: Concerts
  • Rancho Bernardo