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Rebeca Camacho


Coach Rebeca has always been in tune with learning and using the body as a means for building mental and physical strength. She utilizes a special mindful movement approach that integrates the mind, body and soul. Coach Rebeca’s training hones in on connecting with the body and using movement to break up our busy day. Within her classes and practice, Coach Rebeca uses a creative mixture of yoga, breathwork, and sound healing to provide the ultimate experience of connecting with the body. It is crucial in Coach Rebeca’s training to promote flexibility, mobility, and align mindfully with personal goals that can be achieved through yoga. Rebeca’s classes and practices are able to be modified towards any constraints, level, and goals in mind - making it tailored to you. Coach Rebeca is considered a movement specialist and invites everyone to develop a stronger sense of themselves.

Training Emphasis
Fun Facts
  • Breathwork Facilitator
  • Speaks 4 Languages
  • Favorite Hobby: DJing
  • East Village