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Catia Bezerra


Catia's fitness career started by accident. She got a scholarship to study at a university in Brazil. Catia received her Bachelors in Physical Education and Pilates certification in Brazil. Since then, Catia has transformed into an incredible and knowledgeable trainer with over 15 years of experience. For her dream of being a personal trainer, Catia learned different pieces of the fitness industry and a new language (English!). Catia is an attentive trainer who massively focuses on goals and understanding the process necessary that creates a hard workout alongside a learning experience. Passionate is an understatement when it comes to explaining how Catia feels about making sure her clients reach their goals. With profound knowledge of breathing, the body, and programming, Catia strategizes the right program for ultimate progress.

Her motto is, "Do the best that you can!"

Training Emphasis | Tier 4
Fun Facts
  • AKA "Cat"
  • Fluent in Spanglish
  • Sassy and classy
  • Solana Beach