Why Are My Joints Clicking?


Many people experience joint clicking when doing certain body movements. The occasional knee pop when standing up, ankle clicks, and knuckle cracks can have you wondering, why? Luckliy it is incredibly common and we have found out the answers to many of your questions concerning joint noises. 

Why are our joints making noise?

The main and simple answer is: Age. As we get older the cartilage within our joints begins to wear down, which then allows for the joints to rub together and make different noises. Orthopedics claim that this is very normal and a part of the aging process, so don't be alarmed. However if the noise is accompanied by pain or swelling this could be a sign of an injury and should be checked by a doctor.   

Other reasons for joint noise are muscle tightness or tendons rubbing over the bone. This is why sometimes when we doing push-ups your elbows will make soft clicking sounds on every repetition. A way to prevent this is by stretching those muscles before working out, and the noises should decrease or disappear all together.

Another thing to note is that despite the old wives' tales, popping in your joints or fingers does not mean that you are developing arthritis. The cracking sounds in your fingers come from the natural nitrogen bubbles that occur in your joints. There have not been any studies that have proven the arthritis therories. Moral of the story: Although noises from our joints can be distracting when working out, it is totally normal.  



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