Videos of BJJ

Watching BJJ videos is a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. Where else are you able to fast forward, rewind, and pause a specific technique or move? If you know, make sure to share your knowledge. It can also make the difference in making sure motivation and discipline are aligned with each other to make sure that you keep getting better. Remember, videos and online training are a supplement - they are not a replacement of regular training at an academy or The Boxing Club. 


It is becoming more common for talented and well-respected professors or BJJ professionals to release instructional content as a way to give back to the BJJ community, while it may be controversial to do so. Plus, there’s all sorts of fun and entertaining BJJ videos to keep you involved in the community and get some laughs in all at the same time. Keeping up with BJJ is nothing short of fun and educational in one. 


Seek Failure: Jiu-Jitsu Motivational Video 2019

If you’re needing a reminder of why BJJ matters or why you started in the first place, this video defines skill vs. work ethic along with undeniable passion for the sport and growth. The speech compilation includes moments from those such as Joe Rogan, Will Smith, and Eddie Bravo).


BJJ Highlights of 2020 

This video lets us in on some of the best parts of 2020 with BJJ by the Takedown Breakdown! Catch up on tournaments with some of your favorites such as Marcus 

Almeida, Tarik Hopstock, Leonardo Saggorio, and Otavio Sousa.


Fun with BJJ 

This video features none other than Joe Rogan spewing his knowledge about BJJ and martial arts training overall. You’ll see a mixture of real fights, training, and physical alterations that breaks down the understanding of how BJJ is a way to test our physical limitations.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Human Game of Chess

BJJ is known for being called the Human Game of Chess and that is the focus of this video. It is a short attempt to showcase all that BJJ is and its intricacies based off the eyes and footage of a blue belt in Canada.


Best TakeDowns for Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) by John Danaher 

John Dahaner is an extremely well-known and sought out coach. This video explains some of the best takedowns in BJJ today by one of the best. Pandemic or not, videos are an incredible tool for learning, so enjoy learning something new today.


Joe Rogan Experience #1280 Michael Yo

While Michael Yo is a standup comedian, Joe Rogan is no joke either. Rogan dives into his relationship with BJJ, self defense, and so much more. It’s a long video -- so be aware but it honestly will blow your mind. You probably will question what you just watched but be so enlightened at the same time.


Things White Belts Say 

The BJJ journey is definitely one filled with all different kinds of pieces - fun being one of them! Everyone starts off as a white belt so this video can resonate with anyone and everyone who participates in BJJ or knows someone who is a white belt! Have fun laughing.


Awkward Moments in BJJ

Training BJJ can get real awkward real quick. Reminiscence on some of your best awkward moments while training and see if you find any of the same in this video.


The Elements of Jiu-Jitsu Highlight

To be reminded of the why and all the parts of BJJ that make the world (your world) go round by none other than BJJ legend, Stuard Cooper.


5 Mistakes White Belts Make / Beginners Make with an Easy Fix

Learn about the five most common mistakes that white belts / beginners in general make. Take it a step further and figure out how to correct these mistakes to make sure they don’t become poor habits.



Check out a bodybuilder and BJJ fighter take to the weights and BJJ techniques together to see the strengths and weaknesses. Who you think is stronger? Gain some insights into how bodybuilders and BJJ fighters structure their workouts and what they prioritize in their training.


Talk to us if you’re looking to start or what to find out more about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


At TBC, we offer the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) classes in San Diego. We have a full understanding of the power and stamina of grasping flexibility, core strength, grappling, and advancing your mental game. Jiu-Jitsu combines combat arts, strength training, and self-defense into one. Our classes are designed to give white belts a new place to learn and those who are on a winning streak a place to keep learning. Learn from the best with our award-winning coaches that pride themselves on bringing the most valuable instruction to students. Learning BJJ is practical, fun, and a great skill to have. Try a free class on us.



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