Master the Rower

Master the Rower


Ahhh, the rower. Don’t be fooled by this machine just because you get to sit down while performing the exercise. Each rowing stroke activates 84% of our muscles. Yes, read that again - 84%. This includes your posterior chain as well aka your hammies, glutes, lats, and traps. But in order to get the most about the rower, you need to understand how to use it to maximize its low-impact anaerobic and aerobic benefits. 


Believe us, there are avid-fitness enthusiasts who do not know how to use the rower. It’s all the same. It’s a learning process for all and a great way for everyone to get the blood flowing. 


Rower Position

Place feet on the pads and pull the straps tight. With an overhand grip, grab the handle and pull it with you as you slide towards the back of the machine. Your legs will straighten but allow for a slight bend. You do not want to lock the joints. Keep the core tight and lean back slightly, bringing hands towards the breastbone. With a straight back, release arms first and follow along with the rest of your upper body. Glide forward with upper body angled slightly forward. Allow legs to follow by bending them and slide forward on the seat. Now that you have proper form (this will take practice) here’s a rower workout for you to incorporate into your routine. 


With coordination and muscle memory in mind, 

Reminder: Rowing is a lot like deadlifting - it requires lots of attention to form, posterior chain strength and patience. Prioritize form over everything but make sure to push yourself and do a proper cooldown. 



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