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Athleisure. Whether you know it or not, this is something you experience every single day. The idea is simple: Athletic clothing is comfortable, functional, and now more so than ever, stylish so why keep it in the gym? More and more people are taking that route with the athletic apparel industry slated to generate $270 Billion (With a B, Billion!)  in revenue this year, up from $35 Billion in 2014.

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Research into new fibers has exploded in recent years giving us much better options for breathability, sweat-wicking, odor reduction, and even protection from dirt. Athletic gear is no longer boring colors and plain lines, it has really turned into a wonderful medium to showcase one’s unique style. Bold colors, new patters, and new cuts have really paved the way for endless looks and stylish outfits. This combined with the sheer convenience factor of being able to wear the same outfit to work, to the grocery store, and the gym has proven an irresistible combination.

One thing we here at the Boxing Club have noticed that it is mainly geared around yoga pants, and general fitness apparel. The fact that you are here reading this tells me that you are interested in boxing and/or the fight arts so we are happy to inform you that many of those clothing items can also serve more purpose than just sparring and throwing down. We are going to call this fightness apparel because athleisure just doesn’t do us justice!

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From the comfortable, light, and breathable shorts worn by men for boxing and jiu-jitsu to the sleek, stylish and functional leggings and tank tops worn by women, there is something for everyone and every situation. All of these will keep you feeling relaxed, and comfortable while still allowing you to rock your preferred look. The best part is that you will always be dressed to do some impromptu sparring or to give a spontaneous demo to your friends about something you just learned from class!

We have plenty of Boxing and fight arts appropriate options for all of you to put in your rotation all while showing your pride for your favorite boxing gym, The Boxing Club!  We would LOVE to see you rocking our gear on social media and of course we want to hear new ideas for looks or gear you want to see in the future. #tbcfightnessapparel

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