Take It To The Beach: Burn Circuit

Living in San Diego, we’re fortunate to be able to experience summertime weather year round! With the weather always being beautiful, it’s nice to mix up your workout routine and take it outdoors every once in a while.

If you’ve ever taken one of our Burn classes, then you know this high intensity class is designed to burn fat while toning your muscles, giving you the ideal “summer body.” Luckily, if you’re looking to spend some extra time at the beach this summer, you can take your favorite boot camp style class to the beach with you for a quick and intense workout with similar benefits (though you won’t have your favorite trainers there to motivate you, but they’ll be there in spirit!).

The beauty of this boot camp is that you don't need any equipment except your body (and some sun and sand, of course). So take advantage of the year round perfect weather and beautiful beaches in San Diego with the following beach circuit workout.

Beach Bootcamp

Beach Boot Camp Circuit

A proper warm up is essential to get the the blood flowing and oxygen to the muscles. This will increase flexibility, decrease chances of injury, and lessen overall fatigue. Always remember to stay properly hydrated, especially in the heat and sun at the beach.

All of these exercises will provide a different stimulus to your muscles, especially with the added factor of performing them on sand. This will certainly keep your body tuned up while letting you spend some quality time at one of your favorite summertime destinations.

Light jog for 5 minutes

Circuit 1
-200 yard sprints 
- 10 burpees 
- 15 "around the world" lunges  
- 15 "around the world" lunges (other side) 
- 15 wide push-ups 
- Bear crawl for 30 seconds 

Repeat 3-6 sets, giving yourself 60 seconds of rest in between each set. 

Circuit 2

- 15 squat jumps 
- 15 up-downs 
- 15 upright crunches
- 15 upright bicycles
- 15 diamond push-ups 
- Side shuffle for 30 seconds 

Repeat 3-6 sets, giving yourself 60 seconds of rest in between each set.

Just as the warm up is important to get blood flowing, the cool down is essential in lowering the heart rate and lessening the effects of fatigue and muscle soreness.

Cool down 
3 minute light jog.

This workout is perfect if you are a San Diego local looking to mix up your fitness routine, or if you are visiting on vacation and looking for a way to stay fit while maximizing your time at the beach.


We'd love to see you at one of our gyms in San Diego. Our personal trainers are at the top of their game. And newcomers are welcome to a complimentary personal training session with us.


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