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Nestor Flores


Coach Nestor has been boxing since he was a little kid. He has previously owned two MMA and boxing gyms. His introverted and laid back demeanor makes him readily available to listen and open all learning styles to his training. His training style is fundamentally sound and technical. Coach Nestor’s programming includes combinations based on angles and works with offensive & counter striking. His way of strength training personally is BJJ, but is open to working with all types of goals and clients. It is important to Coach Nestor’s training to work on building healthy and strong habits as well as understanding the importance of a strong foundation. He enjoys being able to adapt to his clients and working together towards bigger goals.

Training Emphasis | Tier 3
Fun Facts
  • Mountain biking, dirt biking, quads
  • Adrenaline guy
  • LA Raised
  • Solana Beach