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Marne Moore


Marne began her fitness journey with her avid runner of a dad at a young age. She quickly connected fitness with positive mental health and overall wellbeing. While training for a marathon, Marne found herself faced with an injury and went into cycling for rehab. She fell in love with the sport so much that she became an instructor. As a firm believer in cross-training, Marne implements different movements in her class to make it accessible to all. You will find Marne constantly learning and taking other cycling classes to find ways to improve her own style of teaching. Marne brings an additional layer of style to her training from her long-standing career in the entertainment industry. Get ready to work hard, support each other and get stronger!

Training Emphasis
Fun Facts
  • Lifelong Runner
  • Favorite Local Spot: The Brigantine
  • Hobby: Sewing
  • Solana Beach