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Billy Ford


Coach Billy brings immense experience in boxing and top-quality instruction. With over 14 years as a coach and 8 years as an amateur/professional fighter, Coach Billy brings many layers to his style of training. He trained under 2x world champ and boxing hall of famer, Raul “Jibaro” Perez. His programming style leans heavily on the fundamentals to develop proper momentum and comfort with training. Coach Billy enjoys working with various people, personalities, experiences, etc. He brings so much detail to his training sessions and patience that creates a fun and efficient training atmosphere. With a big love for boxing and his clients, Coach Billy is determined to help make it all happen.

Training Emphasis | Tier 2
Fun Facts
  • 4 Years on State Team for Baja, CA Mexico
  • Tacos and Lemonade
  • Hobby: Traveling
  • East Village