Yoga Classes in East Village/Downtown

Yoga at The Boxing Club? Yes, that’s right. We hit our jabs, hooks, and straights, but we also hit our chaturanga, navasana, and shavasana. At TBC in East Village, we get mentally and physically stronger together -- beginner to advanced levels are welcome. Our classes are specifically designed for the fighter, the athlete, the powerhouse. 

Why Do Yoga in Our Studio?


- Dedicated yoga studio space
- Experienced instructors
- Quality equipment to supplement yoga practice
- Improve mental and physical performance
- Guided breathwork and movement 
- Supplement martial arts training



Our Yoga Classes in East Village/Downtown



What to Expect in Your Yoga Lessons

Experience yoga in a different way than anywhere else in Downtown San Diego. We offer three solid classes to incorporate into your training: Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sculpt and Yoga Restore. All classes are designed to challenge the mind and body while restoring from other training. 


Yoga for Beginners to Advanced

All of our classes in East Village can be modified for our fellow beginner yogis and significantly more difficult for our pros. Vinyasa Flow uses breathwork to move into continuous movements that help the body stretch and move in varying ways that it doesn’t get to, but needs to for optimal results. Yoga Sculpt is like taking a BURN class along with yoga - mixing cardio bursts and weights with yoga stretches. Yoga Restore is all about moving your body to help your muscles heal for recovery.  

Your Free Yoga Class

Your first class will highlight our unique TBC x Yoga experience in East Village! We will provide you with a tour and access to the facility, introduce you to your instructor to familiarize you with the class, the yoga class of your choosing and have you leaving with TBC vibes on your mind. 




Our Yoga Instructors


Our yoga instructors in East Village understand the vitality of yoga in the lives of others. These experienced and undoubtedly passionate instructors have profound knowledge of the body and mind to elevate your yoga practice in any way you would like or supplement other forms of training. 



Yoga FAQs

No! But we have a feeling that if you continue to come to yoga class, you will become more flexible.
It can always be tricky getting back into the game. We are focused on bringing a class that is tailored to all of our members.
Yoga is different from stretching or warming up by utilizing body movement sequences and breathing techniques to create a mind-body connection.
Yes! We love when our members cross train. Our yoga classes are included in your membership.
If you would like to bring your own mat, we encourage you to do that. If not, we have some mats that are available. We recommend bringing water to stay hydrated. Oh.. and yourself!
We want to make sure that you are nourished before class; however, it is best to leave some time to digest before class. It usually recommended waiting an hour or so after eating before taking a yoga class.
You should wear whatever feels most comfortable for you. We usually recommend regular athletic clothes that are comfortable for you.
You are encouraged to do whatever you’d like during class. Some instructors will include focus on breath or other meditative practices. You do what is comfortable for you, but we do ask you to challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone!

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