East Village Martial Arts & Fitness Gym

Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing & Fitness Classes in East Village


Step into an ultra-sleek and edgy space designed for high-performance in East Village near Downtown San Diego and Little Italy! Are you ready? We’ve covered all the bases and are overturning all expectations with classes you can’t find anywhere else. Start planning your routine around boxing, kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai classes from beginner to advanced levels. Round out your routine with HIIT classes and use our dedicated studio spaces for Pilates, Yoga, and Spin. Level up with one-on-one personal training, locker rooms and saunas. Hang out or get work done at the Wi-Fi bar in our member’s lounge. 


Gym Features

- 100+ martial arts / fitness classes per week

- High caliber 1-on-1 martial arts/fitness training available

- Dedicated Pilates, Yoga, and Spin studios

- Matted Jiu Jitsu / grappling area

- 2 boxing rings

- 40+ bags & speciality bags

- Cardio deck

- Weight room





Group Fitness Classes 7 Days a Week


Because they are more than just classes, they are experiences. TBC classes have been designed and developed by San Diego’s best and taught by the most talented. Power boxing and kickboxing classes are a great cardio-based workout with some focus on technique and core work. All boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu programs have beginner to advanced level classes. Boxing and sparring workshops are technique-driven and specialized attention. Feel the BURN during a high-intensity interval training class that will make you question if it was really just 45 minutes. Get your sweat on with spin classes that combine cardio with strength and music that keeps you going. We offer Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Sculpt, and Yoga Restore only at our East Village location to aid in mental focus and physical recovery. *All classes can be supplemented by one-on-one personal training. You can have it all.




East Village Personal Trainers & Coaches


With their own quirks, experiences, backgrounds, and expertise, our trainers and coaches bring the talent and the entertainment. Many of our trainers come with wildly an extraordinary professional fighting career and a devotion for impacting members’ lives one class at a time. Our experienced trainers and coaches are able to build a tailored program to help you reach your goals and full potential with weight loss, strength training, MMA, pilates, boxing, and more. 



Gym Services & Amenities at East Village


TBC East Village brings together an ultra-modern design with state-of-the-art equipment as well as world-class coaches that deliver a workout experience you have never had before. Featuring 3 dedicated studios for spin, yoga, and Pilates, a full size boxing ring, matted combat area, weight room, and cardio deck with the latest equipment -- every part of this location is created with our members in mind. From the custom WIFI bar and striking graffiti wall in our member lounge to the luxurious locker room designs with sauna and towel service, TBC East Village will be your spot. 





Enjoy free WIFI throughout the club or sit down at our WIFI bar to hang out with your fellow members.



TBC is your place to get in your workout and kick back with your new community of friends in our member's lounge.



Before you head out, spend a few minutes in our sauna flushing out toxins then cool off with shower.




Location Information


491 15th St
San Diego, CA 92101

(858) 366-7885

MON - THU 5:30AM - 9:00PM
FRI 5:30AM - 8:00PM
SAT 7:00AM - 4:00PM
SUN 8:30AM-2:30PM