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TBC believes in the extraordinary. We like to do it all - boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, HIIT, Spin, Yoga, Strength, and Pilates. Pilates is the perfect way to work those muscles you didn’t even know you had in a low impact environment. The foundation of strength, power, and explosiveness comes from the core. We offer mat and reformer pilates classes to take your core strength to the next level and give you a pilates experience you won’t find anywhere else in San Diego.

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What to Expect in Your Sessions

What to Expect in Your Sessions

Our classes are designed to improve strength, balance, mobility, and the mind. Pilates classes at TBC are customized to you, your needs and your goals. Pilates instructors typically design a program to begin with the fundamentals exercises to challenge the body and build muscle. Pilates at TBC gives more than just a good workout - it focuses on the muscles we usually neglect and helps the body become strong and lean! Our dedicated Pilates studios provide you a home for the best kind of workout.


Pilates for the Foundation of Strength

Pilates for the Foundation of Strength

Pilates is a great way to supplement martial arts training. With a strong emphasis on the mind-body connection, Pilates is a series of movements and exercises that concentrates on core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility - all of these could be used in and out of the ring. We want to be able to see you in the Pilates studio and in other parts of the gym - bringing you the ultimate fitness experience in San Diego.  

Your Free Pilates Class

Your Free Pilates Class

Thinking about trying something new? We know we’ve got something for you - we offer the best Pilates studio and classes in San Diego. You will have access to all of our amenities and get the real TBC experience. Your trainer will tailor a class for you and take you through every breath and every movement. With a trainer-curated playlist in the background, you will have the beat of the music help you carry through even the most difficult of exercises. 






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We understand the complexity and attention that Pilates requires. We offer small group classes and one-on-one training in our dedicated Pilates studios for those who want to reap all the benefits of Pilates in San Diego. Our trainers have a profound amount of knowledge about the body and how to alter classes to be the most enjoyable and effective.



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