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Our Muay Thai program is one of our most popular instructional powerhouses and we set ourselves apart from other gyms in San Diego. We take this almost 400-year-old martial art form from Thailand and turn into a part of your routine. Muay Thai, also known as the art of 8 limbs, uses the technique of punching, kicking, kneeing, and elbowing. With former professional fighters as your coaches, you will learn the fundamentals all the way to fight mode.

Why Learn Muay Thai at TBC?


- We combine the best of traditional Thai boxing and TBC magic to make sure that we’re the best gym in San Diego for you!
- Extremely experienced coaches
- World-class facilities
- Increase stamina and strength 
-  Self-defense
- Activate your inner fighter



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What to Expect in Your Muay Thai Lessons


What to Expect in Your Muay Thai Lessons

Muay Thai classes cover the basics of movement, footwork, attack, defense, and striking skills. Expect to learn the proper techniques for moving, punching, kicking, knees and elbows along with Muay Thai defense and counter-attack moves. Class will involve bag work, shield drills, partner driils with light contact and a variety of conditioning drills. You are going to challenge yourself and push limits in every way.






Muay Thai For Beginners To Advanced

Muay Thai For Beginners To Advanced

Our Muay Thai program begins with Power Kickboxing which focuses on cardio and basic fundamentals. The next step is beginner Muay Thai that gives extra practice of the fundamentals and perfecting technique. Intermediate classes teach how to move and create angles, use clinch knee and elbow, how to strike, and how to hold pads to get the most out of training. Advanced classes are rooted in sparring and learning high-level offensive and defensive techniques. We take you through everything that Thai boxing has to offer.  

Muay Thai Trial Lesson

It is common to try a Power Kickboxing class first to get used training hard and learn the fundamentals. A free class is all about getting the real experience from the moment you walk in. You will have full access to our facility and our staff will make sure that you have the basics. Make

Muay Thai Trial Lesson


sure to ask questions and have fun! We bring the fundamentals and traditions from Thailand to San Diego. 


Our Muay Thai Instructors


Our trainers and coaches are at the core of what we do. With their talent, experience, and passion, there’s really no questioning that we have the best in San Diego. All of our classes within the Muay Thai program are group-based and personal one-on-one training is available for those who are looking for that extra practice and work in.



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