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You’ve never seen strength training like this before in San Diego. At TBC, we take all of our knowledge of the body from combat sports, pilates, yoga, HIIT, and spin to incorporate into our strength training program. Grit is designed around functional strength training and endurance drills. Pushing that weight, hitting that new personal record, or seeing a friend get a win becomes addicting. Grit is meant for anyone looking to get stronger - weightlifters at any stage. 

Why Do Strength Training in Our Club?


- Wide variety of weight equipment
- Experienced and genuine coaches 
- Diverse class experience each time
- Potential for body recomposition
- Fun and supportive community 



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What to Expect in Your Sessions

What to Expect in Your Sessions

Grit classes are constructed around movement patterns for increased flexibility, core strength, and improving posture. Each trainer will design the structure of the class in a unique way, so you’ll never get the same workout twice. This type of strength training usually includes a combination of strength exercises with conditioning exercises to give you the ultimate combination of overall strength.


Become a Stronger Fighter

Become a Stronger Fighter

Our Strength Training classes are a great complement to your combat arts training. With a focus on total body strengthening, our classes will help to increase your muscle mass and strength so you can be in peak physical shape next time you enter the ring, spar, or practice.

More Endurance, Flexibility, & Balance

More Endurance, Flexibility, & Balance

There are common misconceptions about weight training that usually circle around being bulky and putting too much strain on muscles. Grit classes were created to utilize the best of strength training and to prove those stereotypes wrong. Strength training is beneficial for better cardiovascular health, lowering fat, controlling blood sugar levels, improving mental and bone strength, flexibility, and balance. 





Our Strength & Conditioning Instructors


Strength training isn’t easy and TBC trainers know that. That’s why we have created the best strength training classes in San Diego with the best trainers. Our incredible trainers have dedicated much of their careers to understanding the body, building the body, and learning how the mind and body work best together. Because we can get stronger together, our trainers are there all the way through. Grit classes are group style and one-on-one training is available. 



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