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We love combat sports, but we also love learning other ways to move our bodies and get them stronger. Our HIIT class is a real HIT.  We provide the most fun and diverse HIIT training in San Diego. Also known as BURN, our HIIT class is a 45-minute High-Intensity Interval Training class that is geared towards keeping your heart rate up high and burning fat. HIIT training is the perfect workout to complement your combat arts training or if you have a busy schedule. 

Why Do HIIT Workouts?


- Burn more calories & fat
- Reduce blood pressure
- Little to no equipment needed
- Increase metabolism
- Never get bored
- Fun
- Confidence booster



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What to Expect in Your Classes

What to Expect in Your Classes

Our HIIT classes will start with a warm up to help loosen muscles up and get heart rate working. Each trainer brings their own individual style and creates a different kind of workout for each class. You can expect multiple circuits in groups with little breaks in between. These circuits will target all muscle groups and keep heart rate high the entire time. 


Perfect Complement to Combat Training

Perfect Complement to Combat Training

HIIT is founded upon short and intense bursts of exercise with less time for recovery periods. HIIT can be used as a great tool for building stamina, muscle, and burning fat at the same time. These types of workouts can help keep endurance high during the toughest sparring session and up physical strength. Taking a burn class is also more fun than running on the treadmill for more than an hour.  

HIIT Training for Busy People

HIIT Training for Busy People

We are constantly being pulled in so many different directions. Sometimes, we only have less than an hour to get a good sweat in and prioritize ourselves. HIIT classes are a fantastic way to optimize your schedule and still see results. You will learn how to put the body under pressure, control, and push through minimal rest periods in order to sweat, sweat, and sweat. HIIT classes give the body a chance to burn fat while building muscle at the same time - no need to lift weights and hop on the treadmill after. We want to help you reach your goals with the time that you have.





Our World Class HIIT Instructors


HIIT the ground running with our incredible trainers that will help you learn about the body, breathing, and will push you in every class. Our trainers create and design classes that are unique and will definitely make you question if the class was only 45 minutes. 



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