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We understand that there is a lot to learn about boxing and a lot of stereotypes that are tied to a boxing gym. We aren’t your typical boxing gym in San Diego. We mix pushing limits and drive with luxury and good vibes. You are never just another face in class. TBC has designed the ultimate boxing classes and program that you would cease to find anywhere in San Diego. We have classes that range from beginner to advanced, offering different types of coaching and training for a well-rounded experience. See you in the ring!

Why Learn Boxing at TBC?


- Top-quality equipment 
- Cardio-focused classes, workshops, and sparring offered
- Wide range of class times 
- Insanely dedicated and talented coaches
- A rise in confidence, a drop in weight 
- Supportive and fun community



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Expect your boxing lessons

What to Expect in Your Lessons

We offer a variety of classes that range from beginner to advanced levels. Our program begins with our Power Boxing class that focuses on bringing the ultimate cardio-based class with basic combinations and core. Graduate into higher-level boxing classes that are instructional and technique based. Coaches will help advance your skills to the next level and introduce shadowboxing. 


Boxing For Beginners To Advanced

Boxing For Beginners To Advanced

Our program is designed to take you from beginner to fighter. From our power classes to workshops to sparring, we want to see you level up in every way. Beginner boxing workshops will take the basics you’ve learned and apply them to shadowboxing, footwork, and punches. You will start to become more comfortable working with a partner. Moving into intermediate and advanced level classes, there will be more emphasis on technical components of boxing and more contact (proper gear is necessary). Show what you’re made of during sparring and get the closest to what an actual fight is. 

Boxing classes for Kids

Boxing Classes for Kids

Our kids’ program is for children in San Diego that are 7-12 and looking to put their all into a new sport. Boxing is a great way for children to learn focus, dedication, respect, and to push themselves physically and mentally. Our little ones are the next generation of fighters and to carry on the legacy of TBC - that is not to be taken lightly.





Our Boxing Instructors


Our coaches and trainers help keep us accountable, provide support, and make sure that we get better every day. With crazy talent, drive, and professional fight careers, TBC coaches and trainers win the fight of being the best in San Diego.



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How to Prepare For Your First Boxing Class

How to Prepare For Your First Boxing Class


Hand Wrapping Tutorial for Boxing

Hand Wrapping Tutorial