Your Treadmill Workouts Are Too Long

Unless you are training for a long distance running competition your treadmill workouts should be no longer than 25 minutes. This is good news for most of us who truly hate cardiovascular based workouts. Here are the reasons why: 


Your workout can be more intense. 

For longer runs we tend to set a slower pace so that we do not feel like we are not going to die,  but because of this the intensity also goes way down. For a shorter run you are able to really push yourself knowing that it will only be for a short amount of time.  


Burn fat quicker. 

If you are doing a short interval training run, you will burn fat much faster because your body will continue to burn at a higher rate during your rest intervals and after your workout is over. 


Become a better runner 

As a beginner, running can be a very challenging workout. Many lose motivation to in the first 5 minutes of running because you can quickly feel tension in your joints. This is part of conditioning but if you are not careful long runs can lead to injury early on. Shorter runs will help to not only build up your stamina but also prevent injury. 


Here is are two sample HIIT treadmill workouts to try out! 

Beginner HIIT treadmill workout Advanced HIIT treadmill workout



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