Top Leggings of 2021

Leggings Break-Down


It’s safe to say that leggings have become a staple and must-have. There’s a wide range of styles, price points, materials, etc. It is hard to know which ones are actually worth the price $$. There are leggings that are meant for everyday, comfort, being active, etc. Plus, let’s be real. We all probably have that one pair that will never leave the house but will also never get tossed because they are just that comfortable. When searching for leggings, things to stay mindful of are: durability, moisture management, comfort, performance, and style. 


There is a wide range of pricing and quality for leggings, just like anything else. If the investment has been made for other athletic attire, running shoes, headphones, etc., why are some people willing to slack on leggings? Let’s be real - an uncomfortable or inadequate fitting pair of leggings can put a complete damper on a workout and overall progress. It is even worse when a pair of leggings claims they meet certain qualifications and then they don’t - this is where trust issues are made. It can be hard to figure out - from Lululemon to Nike and everything else in between. 


Workout leggings are typically made of synthetic performance fabrics that are ideal because of their stretchy and moisture wicking properties. It is usually a good idea to also search for flat interior seams to prevent any irritation or friction. The last thing you want to be worried about during an intense workout is having something that is bothering you on the inside of your pants seam. 


Everyday leggings are made of a thicker fabric such as ponte or faux leather. The most important component is to avoid anything that is see-through or inherently more casual. Make sure to do a test for both. 


Loungewear leggings are always super-soft, perfect for layering and usually made from cotton, lyocell, or modal to keep you feeling super comfy. 


The foundation of a pair of leggings is core-spun yarn and no matter the brand, the basic yarn type is usually the same. The thickness or ability to provide adequate coversage comes down to the density of the knit. Most leggings are made with a combination of traditional cutting / sewing machines that knit in a circle. Fit and style all come down to preference & need. You have your high-waisted, compressive, pockets, fleece-lined for winter, versatile, flared, long-lasting, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on. 


With all of this in mind, take some time to think about what type of leggings you need, the price you are willing to spend on them, and when you’re going to go shopping. After much research, here are some of the top leggings to choose from. We’ll let you do the testing for yourself to find the pairs that you can never let go of. 



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