Meet Our Coach: Brandon Kurosawa


Brandon Kurosawa grew up on the islands of Hawaii, and at a young age became interested in martial arts, more specifically wrestling. His dedication to the sport in his teen years named him a 3X LA City Wrestling Champion. When he moved to San Diego for college he searched for a place where he could learn new styles of martial arts and also have an outlet away from studying. That is when he found TBC. He began taking basic Muay Thai classes with Coach Caine and Coach Jessie and immediately fell in love with the art. While in school Brandon needed a part-time job and applied for a janitor position at The Boxing Club's UTC location. He would train regularly before his work shift, and one day Coach Jessie approached him about his interest in competing as a Muay Thai amateur. Jessie saw potential in him because of his natural strength and level of work ethic. Brandon decided right away that he wanted to fight and asked what he needed to do to make it happen. He dedicated time to take Coach Caine's classes for partner work, learned new techniques and ring knowledge from Coach Jessie, and honed his boxing skills with Coach Glenn. Soon he felt he was ready to step into the ring for his first amateur fight. With his coaches by his side he stepped into the ring and came out with a draw decision.

This result gave him the drive to win his next fights no matter how much training it took. He continued to train everyday and improve his skills with each fight. After 4 months of training he went for his first title at the US Muay Thai Open Tournament in Arizona. He fought two competitive fighters, but dominated in both fights and came home with the title. This brought new motivation to become the best he could be and he went on to earn 3 more titles in the next 9 months. After learning so much so quickly he felt that he wanted to help others and motivate them to reach their goals also. He became a TBC coach at only 21 years old, one of the youngest the company has seen in a long time. With his 9-0-1 record he is preparing for his 5th title fight on May 4th in Ontario, CA. Keep a look out for our boy Brandon, he is going to be the next big US Muay Thai fighter. 


Get to know Brandon: 

1. What is your walk out song or what song gets you pumped up to fight? Amen- Mike Will Made-it from the Creed 2 movie.

2. What is one thing you would tell someone that is interested in competing? Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions to the people who know what they are talking about.

3. What is your goal for 2019? My number one goal for this year is to be better than I was at the start, win or lose.  

4. After a weigh-in or fight what is your favorite food to celebrate? My favorite food is chicken and rice from a Vietnamese restaurant and Pho 

5. If you could be any animal what would it be? A wolf. 



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