How to Clean Workout Clothes

7 Tips to Stay Fresh & Clean

Workout gear is not something to mess around with when it comes to washing AND your high-performance outfits can’t tolerate hot water washes and machine drying. Just because you work hard during your workouts doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work hard to keep your clothes clean.Performance fabrics are great for staying cool and giving you a solid range of motion, but they quickly become odor magnets. *Cue baking soda!* 


Turn Clothes Inside Out

The grime on your workout clothes is typically on the inside, not on the outside. Look for any of those zippers and turn your clothes inside out before you throw them into the washing machine. This helps to keep the color stronger and avoids any snags on threading. 


Right Amount of Detergent

It seems simple enough, but no matter how bad clothes may smell, stick to the specified amount of laundry detergent. When adding too much detergent, build up in the clothing fibers can create the perfect environment for breeding bacter and fungi that actually cause odor. 


Set Washing Machine Appropriately 

It is easy to want to wash your workout clothes in hot water because the thought of making sure to kill germs is there. While we can appreciate a good clean in hot hot water, for high performacne gear, it is imperative to wash in cold water and on a gentle cycle. Hot water and too much agitation can impact the lifespan of activewear - and especially for those beloved pieces, that can be a big game changer. 


Let Your Clothes Breathe

While the inital thought may be to bury your smelly clothes at the bottom of your hamper, letting them air out before washing will make them much easier to clean. When you take off your dirty workout clothes, hang them somewhere to catch some air and release some of those odors. 


Pre-soak in Vinegar

A little bit of vingear can go a really long way when washing gym clothes - especially for those that don’t particularly smell very nice. Soak those more smelly clothes in a half cup of white vinegar mixed with cold water for an hour before wahsing. This will help remove those unpleasant odors and breakdown sweat stains / buildup. 


Sweat Stains

Sweat stains are a whole other beast. Light-colored and white workout clothes are notorious for yellow and grey stains. Sweat stains are removed best when you are proactive about trying to get rid of them before washing the garment fully. Begin by rinsing the stained clothing in warm water for five minutes to dilute the stain and then wring it out. Pre-treat the stain with a baking soda paste, detergent and distilled white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. Leave this stain remover for 30 minutes and wash your workout clothes in cold water with your regular detergent. 


Cold Water Only 

Hot water breaks down synthetic fabrics and creates shrinkage. Set your load to delicate with cold water. This will help preserve the shape, color, breathability and overall longevity of your garments. 


You know the saying, “look good, feel good”? This is directly related to keeping your clothes looking and smelling fresh. Take care of your clothes just like you take care of you. 


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