How to Clean Combat Gear

Martial arts can teach you all sorts of things -- discipline, mental strength, and now… cleaning expertise! There is the inevitable side effect of martials arts *dun dun* SWEATING! Without proper cleaning of your gear, you are asking for a breeding ground for bacteria and disgusting smells. Even if you let those wraps or gi for a day or two without a good wash, you might be asking for trouble. Martial arts teaches respect. Make sure to have enough respect for your gear, yourself, and the others around you to clean your gear. 


Boxing Gloves:

Gloves may be the sweatiest gear around as they fit snugly around your hands for all of class and there is nowhere for the sweat to trickle. The outside of the gloves have to be cleaned just as much as the inside. Begin the cleaning process by wiping off any sweat from the exterior and using a disinfecting spray to kill any bacteria on the gloves. 


For non-machine washable gloves, take the disinfecting spray you used for the outside for the inside. Undo the wrist straps and open the gloves as wide as you can and point the nozzle inside the glove. Give it a few seconds to dry and wipe the inside down with a dry rag. If you really want to keep them nice, you can take crumbled newspaper and keep them on the inside to help keep the shape and dry them out. 


If you have machine washable gloves, throw them in the washer and dryer like you would your clothes you wore during your workout! 



The material of a gi is more fine, making it trickier to wash. It is important to wash a gi in warm water with medium grade or above detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners and dryers. Make sure to hand-dry your gi. The more frequently you wash your gi, the better. If taken care of properly, a gi should last for a long time. 


Sparring Gear: 

Just like the boxing gloves, the best way to clean sparring gear is to do an initial wipe down of the equipment and then take disinfecting spray to it. Allow the spray to stay on the material for about 10 minutes, if possible. It is recommended to let it dry outside to help it dry and absorb into the material. If needed, you can wipe down the equipment one more time after it has dried. The key is to make sure to do this on a regular basis.



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