Essential Bodyweight Exercises to Build Muscle at Home

Being at home doesn’t mean you have to quit making gains. We are learning firsthand how incredible our bodies are. No weights? No problem. Try to snag some dumbbells on Amazon or Target or really anywhere and nothing? We got you. All you need is your body, some motivation, a TBC playlist, and getting your head in it. While we wish that you were able to get your workout in at one of our locations, we still are here cheering you on through every set. 


All levels welcome!

One of the best parts of bodyweight exercises is that any person of any level can participate. So whether you’re used to being in the gym religiously or looking to take advantage of this time to get back into it, bodyweight exercises can be your new best friend. Beginners can start off by modifying exercises, doing less reps and sets, and allowing for longer breaks in between. After kicking some butt and gaining more strength, throw in challenges by adding reps / sets and taking shorter breaks in between. Bodyweight exercises are also known to help increase flexibility and provide a full-body workout in less amount of time. 



You guessed it. The squat is probably one of the most recognized bodyweight exercises. We recommend adding a resistance band for more of a challenge. 

A few tips for proper squat form: 

-keep knees from going inward

-keep back straight and not hunched over (chest open and shoulders back and relaxed)

-place weight in your heels


The squat can also be made more challenging or fun!

-Pistol squat 

-Single leg box squat

-Squat pulses

-Jump squats

-Split squats 



Now is the time to perfect your push-up form - it targets more than just your chest. Get ready for a tricep, delts, core, quads, and hip flexor burn (oooooh, man. Can feel the burn just writing about it). Many people don’t realize that the key to a solid push up is to keep your hands at an equal distance and right under your shoulders. Make sure your hips are in line with your shoulders and that you squeeze your core and glutes! Pay attention to if your body seems to be sagging towards the floor - you want to keep everything straight or else you risk an injury. 


PUSH UPS ARE HARD. So if you’re new to push ups or have never quite gotten your form right, start off with modified knee push ups. Keep your knees bent and perform push up as normal. You can also try incline push ups by finding a table or something sturdy to place your hands on. This helps for beginners as it takes off some of the pressure off your hands and shoulders. 


PUSH UP EXPERTS. So you’ve put in the work and want to give your push up a challenge.

Go for the diamond push up by forming a diamond with both hands, keeping elbows close to the chest. This works your triceps like crazy! For an extremely advanced version, try a one-handed push up where it isolates one arm, but make sure you have developed strength and control in both arms. 



Everyone’s favorite, right? We’re sorry if these remind you of middle school P.E., but burpees activate almost every muscle in the body that mixes strength with cardio. To start, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and lower your body as though you’re about to do a squat and then place hands on the floor directly in front of you. Jump your feet back into a plank position creating a straight line with your body. Bring feet back towards your hand with a jump to push yourself back into a standing position. Reach your arms over your head with an explosive movement into the air and REPEAT. 



Having a strong core is at the CORE of having a strong body (pun intended). Planks are beneficial because they activate muscles in the upper and lower body unlike crunches or sit ups (even if you do insane amounts). 

Begin in a push up position with core locked. You can either place weight on forearms (beginners) or hands (advanced) depending on your level. 



We’re big fans of pull-ups. They are the best back-building exercise and help to strengthen your grip. You will need a pull up bar or something to grab a hold onto. Click this link for pull-up tips



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