If you’re wondering what the 21 Day BXNG Hard Challenge is… keep reading. 21 Day BXNG Hard is a challenge to commit. And if you’re looking for a new fitness challenge… this isn’t it. If you’re still intrigued… keep reading. The 21 Day BXNG Challenge is a mental toughness challenge rooted in helping you cultivate your growth. This is where challenging and rewarding meet.



- Follow healthy eating (think of your overall goals - flexible eating, high protein, whole foods only, etc) 

- Complete a 1-hour workout (switch it up every day to keep your mind & body with it - think of a power class one day followed by GRIT the next with some recovery in yoga after that

- Stay hydrated (drink at least half your weight in oz) 

- 15 minutes of daily self-development reading/podcast (Brene Brown, Gary Vee, Tony Robbins vibes)

- Progress pictures every 5 days (Your camera roll should be stacked) 


*Note: please make sure to tag @thebxngclub to celebrate your progress

**If you miss one guideline, you start the process over


We love to give credit when credit is due. We were profoundly inspired by the 75 Day Hard Challenge presented by Andy Frisella. 75 Day Hard has become a cultural and worldwide trend that motivates a dream with action to back it into reality. This mental challenge encouraged us at The BXNG Club and our community to do something similar. It is all about progress, facing hurdles head-on and having some fun along the way because there’s something about following yourself through that just hits differently. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and we’re ready to bet on that (and you). It all begins NOW!


Piece of advice: Don’t let the version of you in 21 days from now wish you had already started. LFG! 


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