Athlete Approved Skin Care Routine

Living an active lifestyle shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your skin. Being active exposes us to sun, sweat, makeup, dirt, cuts, bruises, chlorine, salt, wind, and heat. Skin can become reactive with all of the stuff we don’t want: irritation, redness, discoloration, congestion, oiliness, blotchiness, dryness, and uneven skin tone. 


Between what we have on our skin prior to the workout, what’s on the equipment we use during workouts, locker rooms, etc., in conjunction with the trickiness of sweating in it of itself. However, knowledge about the importance of a proper skincare routine for active hasn’t taken over yet – what the hell are we waiting for?! Let’s get on our game, athletes. It’s time to learn about what our skin needs and to make sure we are using brands that do more than throw “sport” on their labels to appease the more athletic. As athletes, we’re always striving to improve and skincare doesn’t need to be left out of that equation. 


1. Sunscreen

Always a given. 


2. Cleanse Before and After Exercise 

Gym rat or pro at a sport, make sure to clean your face before and after your workout. One cleanse pre or post-workout is better than none, but both are ideal. Especially if you are wearing makeup, make sure to remove the makeup before you begin your workout as it then becomes a breeding ground for breakouts and your skin will be unable to breathe below the layer of previously worn makeup. We know, you worked hard for that perfect winged eyeliner and on point highlight, but if you did it once, you can do it again :) Your skin will thank you. Allowing sweat to sit on your skin is allowing for pores to clog and grossness to accumulate on the skin’s surface. 


3. Facial Mist

Lavender or rose facial mists are known for their super hydrating properties and leave the skin feeling smooth anytime, but especially post-workout. Fun tip: use the facial mist before putting on a moisturizer because it retains some of the water particles and locks them into the skin. 


4. Moisturizer 

Athletes usually shower… a LOT aka stripping the skin of its natural oils and of hydration. That means that moisturizing is major key. Before applying moisturizer, gently pat skin with a towel. Do not harshly rub skin – take your anger out during your workout, not on your skin. Make sure to grab a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause blackheads) and something with all of the antioxidants to help bring add to your natural post-workout glow. Consult your dermatologist to help make the right decision on what moisturizer will work best for your skin. Kopari’s Coconut Cream is a TBC favorite, filled with coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea tris, and aloe leaf juice (it is a definite must after a BURN class). 


5. Eat GOOD food

It’s a lifestyle choice and not a cream that can do it for you. Many athletes credit their glowing skin to healthy diets. Antioxidants are your friends!


Bonus: We’ve talked a lot about how being active can be harmful to the skin, but it’s important to remember that being aerobic helps to improve circulation and happy arteries benefit complexion. Plus, sweating is good to flush out those nasty toxins that lead to breakouts. Make your skin routine as much of a priority as your active routine.



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