Yoga Classes in La Jolla/UTC

At TBC, we know the importance of giving our bodies what it needs mentally and physically. That’s why we’ve made sure to create ultra-unique yoga classes and yoga studios in San Diego! We’ve got you covered with vinyasa flow, yoga sculpt, and yoga restore. Unlike other traditional yoga classes, our yoga classes are specifically designed for athletes at any level who want to recover and increase flexibility while focusing on power and strength. 

Why Do Yoga in Our Studio?


- Experienced instructors to help take your yoga to the next level
- Strengthen the mind and body
- Supplement combat arts training
- Tailor class to your needs
- Restorative 
- Learn to prioritize you and your body differently 
- Improve overall performance



Our Yoga Classes in La Jolla



What to Expect in Your Yoga Lessons

Vibe with us into another wavelength to help your mind and body relax, stretch, and rehabilitate. Our classes aim to help you learn how to prioritize you. You will learn classical training of breathwork, tailor body movement for your needs, reduce stress, and spend time being guided by extremely passionate and knowledgeable instructors. We’ve got you covered with vinyasa flow, yoga sculpt, and yoga restore. Find all your yogi needs in La Jolla with the opportunity to focus on flow for the mind, sculpt your strength, and recover with restore.




Yoga for Beginners to Advanced

Starting something new can be daunting and continuing a deepened practice with those at a different level may seem challenging. Vinyasa Flow strings together different moves to create the ultimate seamless transition into movement after movement with your breath at any pace. Combine cardio-bursts with body flow to help strengthen your power in a unique way, at any level with Yoga Sculpt. Yoga Restore brings together the focus on mental and physical energy to help the body recover in any way it needs. 

Your Free Yoga Class

Unlock your yogi potential with the true TBC experience! You will be able to check out what TBC is all about, meet with your experienced instructor beforehand, and vibe with us during class. We’ll be there to answer any questions you may have and show you that we are unlike any other yoga practice in La Jolla! 






Our Yoga Instructors


Our world-class instructors take the responsibility of making yoga accessible to all disciplines, levels, and people very seriously. With massive amounts of knowledge about the body, mind, and benefits of cross-training, our yoga instructors in La Jolla can take a beginner yogi to advanced and an advanced yogi to a whole different level of yogi. 



Yoga FAQs

No, all yoga classes are included in your TBC membership. 
Yes! All levels are encouraged and welcome to join the yoga community at TBC.
Great question! You can find Vinyasa Flow every week at La Jolla / UTC and catch Yoga Sculpt and Yoga Restore at East Village.
We believe that we bring all the best components of yoga and apply it to cross-training with combat arts or other forms of training. Our classes are really focused on tailoring the experience to whatever you need. It is not your traditional yoga experience.
No, yoga classes are first come, first serve!
You are the perfect person to take yoga! Get in there and learn.
You should wear whatever feels most comfortable for you. We usually recommend regular athletic clothes that are comfortable for you.

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