Pilates in La Jolla

At The Boxing Club, we make sure to push ourselves -- that’s a fact. You can find us in the ring, but you can also find us in the Pilates studio learning how to strengthen muscles with a little less impact. We use Pilates to get our minds as strong as our core. 

Why Do Pilates in Our Studio?


- Improve posture alignment and flexibility
- Focus on breathwork 
- Incredible instructors
- Dedicated Pilates studio space
- Reduce stress and increase strength



Our Pilates Classes in La Jolla



What to Expect in Your Pilates Lessons

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best Pilates experience in all of La Jolla. Focused breathing exercises with intentional movement along with knowledge and inspirational instructors help create the ultimate Pilates atmosphere. Our classes in La Jolla utilize the reformer and Pilates Wunda Chair to make sure your core and smaller muscles feel the burn!


Pilates For Beginners to Advanced

With a tailored PIlates experience in La Jolla / UTC, our instruction is for beginners to advanced and anyone in between. We welcome all levels to benefit from the innovative practice of Pilates. In Pilates, you are able to design the workout to work with your strengths and improve weaknesses rather than going against them. Pilates is an art of controlled movement that our incredibly talented and knowledgeable instructors will guide you through.   

Your Free Pilates Class

Get the full TBC La Jolla experience and intensity of Pilates in one! With a tour of the facility, introduction to your instructor, and full class that will work your core and get you feeling muscles that you didn’t even know existed. 






Our Pilates Instructors


Our Pilates instructors in La Jolla have profound knowledge of the body with specific attention to injuries and progress. Our Pilates instructors are dedicated to making sure to guide you properly through breath, movement, concentration, centering, and flow. Whatever you need, they’ve got you covered. They will make sure to challenge you in the most fun way possible. 



Pilates FAQs

Yes! We love when we have members try something new. Our instructors will be there with you every step of the way. 
We recommend athletic wear that is usually more form fitting or anything that seems most comfortable to you. Your instructor will also be able to recommend Pilates gear for you.
Great question! Ask your front desk for more details and information.
It depends on your activity, availability, and goals. This is something to talk to your instructor about.
The main difference between Mat Pilates and using equipment is that Mat Pilates has a strong focus on your core and requires you to use your body as equipment. Using specific Pilates equipment gives you a frame and tools to work with into the workout.


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