Pilates Instruction





Get In Shape

Whether you are a serious athlete in training, recovering from an injury, or just want to get lean, Pilates is a safe and effective total body workout that will strengthen your muscles, while releasing toxins and increasing flexibility.

Not only can Pilates help you lose weight, but it can make a complete difference in your health without taking a harmful toll on your body. Pilates private training is one of The Boxing Club’s most popular programs.

We’re not surprised; improving flexibility, muscular endurance, spine & pelvic alignment and building a strong core are all necessary for any athlete.

The easiest way to get started is to simply come visit our facility and see everything we offer for yourself. Pilates personal training sessions can be set up with any sales manager (by walk-in, phone or email) in 30 minute or hour long sessions. We also offer semi-private Pilates sessions that allow you to get personalized instruction while being able to enjoy the class with the company of others!