Paige Torres

Paige was first drawn to yoga for the many physical benefits it has to offer, however, stuck to the practice for the peace of mind it gave her. By simply aligning breathe to movement, she found yoga helped to balance her body and give her physical strength and flexibility, as well as to become more present and relaxed mentally. She soon became dedicated to the practice and completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2016 at Spirit Yoga Studios in San Diego.

Paige is extremely grateful to teach yoga and is passionate about sharing the benefits of having a regular yoga practice. Paige’s classes normally start with vinyasa one breath to one movement flows to build heat within the body, and end with some more restorative poses, which help to get deeper into tighter areas of the body. Paige emphasizes focus on the reath and encourages her students to listen to their bodies by taking her classes at their own pace. Her classes are accessible to all levels as she offers modifications and harder variations of each pose. Come join if you’re looking to de­stress and open up your mind and body!

Training Emphasis

  • Yoga.