Noel Caravajal

  • NSCA Certified
  • Favorite hobby: MMA & BJJ
  • Nickname: Nerd Assassin

Noel is a big believer that he owes all of his success and everything that is good in his life to combat sports. His journey began as a weight loss journey that turned into a lifestyle after getting punched in the ring for the first time. Noel's 30 bout career pointed him in the direction of coaching and being able to help another person make it into the ring. Carvajal approaches boxing and training with an analytical mindset along with empathy and intense pride for the sport, his client, and himself. Noel is a heavy believer in conditioning and using evidence-based approaches to shape the skillset of any client or fighter. You will always find Noel searching for ways to improve his coaching to bring the ultimate fitness and combat arts style to clients. 

Training Emphasis | Tier 2: 
Boxing, Kickboxing, & Fitness